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Who We Serve?

Access to charging facilities have now become a necessity for many of your guests, visitors, and employees. It's a new standard for every business

EV Drivers

Learn about our services for EV drivers and register to start charging at E-fill’s stations.

Private Home Owners

Our home charging service brings smart electric vehicle charging to your doorstep.

Residential Buildings

Managing a residential EV charging station is easy as the station owner.


Offer your employees the chance to charge their electric cars while they’re working. Choose who can use the charging station and set your own price

Commercial Parking

Attract EV drivers to your parking lot by offering them the chance to charge their vehicles. E-fill makes it simple to manage your stations, set prices, and monitor usage.

Large International Chains

Grow your customer base by investing in EV charging. Whether you’re creating a value-added service or building a business, we have just the right package for you.

Retail & Hospitality

Attract new customers with a E-Fill Public charging station. Just set the charging price and EV drivers will come to you.

Real Estate Developers

Meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging and increase the value of your premises with our services.

Energy Utilities

Utility companies can prepare for the energy grid of the future by building their own EV charging network.

Car Dealers

E-fill’s EV charging solutions give car dealers the platform to sell more electric vehicles and provide their customers with outstanding service

Charging Point Network Operators

Whether you want to manage your own charging devices or provide the service for other charging point managers, we offer a comprehensive solution.

Electromobility Service Providers

Whether you own multiple charging stations or are in the process of starting an e-mobility business, E-Fill’s platform is a flexible solution that provides you with all the necessary tools.